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Our teachers come to you!

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Who we are

Assembled in 2013, Lessons & Beyond originated as a small group of art and music teachers who saw a growing need for their skills outside of the classroom setting. Students of all ages and levels love taking art and music lessons at home and we love what we do, Lessons & Beyond was created as a simple way to help us all find each other.

Why us?

At Lessons & Beyond, we keep things simple. No complex forms or profiles or multiple pages to sift through. Everything you need to know is right here. 

We also keep things human. Give us a call or an email and talk to a real person. We work with each customer one-on-one to help find them their perfect teacher. 

You might also notice that our lesson rates are flat (not based on location and subject) and reasonable. 

As for our teachers, we only accept the best of the best. Our staff isn't enormous, but we believe in quality over quantity. Every one of our teachers is strictly screened for a clean criminal background, solid education and note-worthy experience in their field. But don't just take our word for it. We invite you to try them out yourself. for FREE. All subjects start with a free, no strings attached in-home lesson. Even if you decide to officially enroll with your teacher, you will never have to pay for your first lesson.

How it works

Simply give us a call or send us an email (see form/info below). We’ll set you up with one of our great teachers for your first free in-home music or art lesson.  If you like the lesson, let us know and we’ll get you going with weekly lessons at your home. It's that easy





Bookbinding lessons

Costume Design lessons
Creative Writing lessons
Drawing lessons

          pen drawing lessons

          pencil drawing lessons
Graphic Design lessons

Fiber lessons 

          cutting machine lessons

          crocheting lessons

          draping lessons

          dying lessons

          embroidery lessons

          knitting lessons

          needlepoint lessons

          pattern making lessons

          sewing lessons (hand/machine)
Glass Blowing lessons
Jewelry Making lessons

Painting lessons

          acrylic painting lessons

          oil painting lesson
Photography lessons
Printmaking lessons
Sculpture lessons
Woodworking  lessons

*We also have teachers who teach 'general' art lessons if you're interested in dabbling in various                                     mediums


Accordian lessons

Banjo lessons

Bass lesson

          Acoustic bass lessons

          Electric bass lessons

          Stand-up bass lessons

Bassoon lessons

Cello lessons

Clarinet lessons

DJ lessons

Drum lessons

Euphonium lessons

Flute lessons

Glockenspiel lessons

Guitar lessons

          Acoustic guitar lessons

          Classical guitar lessons

          Electric guitar lessons

          12-string guitar lesson

Harp lessons
Music Software lessons

Oboe lessons
Piano lessons
Recording lessons
Recorder lessons
Saxophone lessons
Trombone lessons
Trumpet lessons
Tuba lessons
Ukulele lessons
Viola lessons
Violin lessons
Voice lessons

& Beyond..

Rent-to-own materials

Don't have an easel, guitar, clay, ukulele, etc.? No problem! We'll bring them to you! Decide to keep them and pay as little as $5/week to rent-to-own them. Your rental fee goes toward the sum so when it's paid off, we'll let you know when it's yours to keep!

*all materials are of beginner/medium quality and are checked by our professionals for soundness

*some instruments are not available for rent-to-own. Please ask when putting in your initial inquiry

*weekly rental prices vary depending on subject



Our Teachers

 All of our teachers go through a strict criminal background check, have a degree in their field and/or have at least 1+ years professional teaching experience. We take pride in all of our teachers as safe, experienced and knowledgeable!

Zoe Aguayo: tuba lessons

Taryn Alberts: photography lessons ; printmaking lessons

Noelle Audley: art lessons ; drawing lessons ; sculpture lessons

Karen Barich: piano lessons ; violin lesson

Alexis Belanger: euphonium lessons ; glockenspiel lessons

Hava Betters: woodworking lessons

David Beyer: banjo lessons

Corey Boening: piano lessons

Jordyn Boldt: art lessons

Mike Bruns: guitar lessons

Denzil Bustos: glassblowing lessons

Sarah Campanella: oboe lessons

Rena Cardoso: DJ lessons ; music software lessons ; recording lessons

Stephanie Carlota: harp lessons
Amber Cicero: trumpet lessons

Edgar Davey: trombone lessons ; trumpet lessons

Chris Fredericks: DJ lessons

Gary Freeman: cello lessons ; viola lessons ; violin lessons

Taylor Gazda: crocheting lessons ; needlepoint lessons

Allison Gianopoulos: ceramics lessons ; sculpture lessons

Conor Girard: guitar lessons ; music software lessons ; recording lessons ; ukulele lessons

Brooke Glynn: bassoon lessons ; oboe lessons

Kent Harman: tuba lessons

Chanelle Haroldson: clarinet lessons ; flute lessons

Delfina Harvey: flute lessons

Lucas Harvey: bass lessons ; drum lessons ; electric guitar lessons

Charis Haynes: art lessons ; ceramic lessons ; drawing lessons ; painting lessons ; sculpture lessons

Christy Henderson: piano lessons ; voice lessons

Ansley Howard: bookbinding lessons ; printmaking lessons

Lindsey Josephine: acoustice bass lessons ; electric bass lessons ; stand up bass lessons

Erin Judson: jewelry making lessons

Milburn Kersey: ceramic lessons ; glassblowing lessons ; sculpture lessons

Venise Keys: art lessons ; painting lessons

Oswald Mason: clarinet lessons ; oboe lessons ; recorder lessons

Alfreda Marie: acrylic painting lessons ; oil painting lessons

Ian Meyer: 12-string guitar lessons ; acoustic guitar lessons ; classical guitar lessons ; electric guitar lessons ; bass lessons ; ukulele lessons

Jessica Miller: oil painting lessons

Margaret Mills: creative writing lessons

Frankie Myska: acoustic guitar lessons ; acoustic bass lessons

Vera Pelin: piano lessons

Michele Porter: accordion lessons ; piano lessons
Nick Rose: photography lessons

Annette Sands: Fiber: crocheting lessons ; dying lessons ; knitting lessons ; needlepoint lessons

Meghan Stagl: piano lessons

Sydney Stanton: piano lessons

Karen Sundeen: violin lessons

Emilie Richmond: voice lessons

Grant Riley: woodwind lessons

Nonie Ryanne: costume design lessons ; sewing lessons
Kyra Unice: pen drawing lessons ; pencil drawing lessons

Cecily Weber: graphic design lessons

Tommy Veronesi: drum lessons

Arthur Zdrinc: banjo lessons ; drum lessons ; guitar lessons ; painting lessons ; ukulele lessons



 "My son has been taking guitar lessons with Ian for almost 5 years. He is so patient with him! My daughter started 2 years ago. They both really enjoy their music lessons! I love the flexibility of having the lessons in my home. We are very grateful we found Ian!" 

Michelle Lazar, Gurnee Il

"Charis is great with our 6-year-old daughter. She loves her weekly art lessons! We probably wouldn't have known she'd have such a creative side if we didn't start these painting lessons. Thank you!" 

Henrietta Alizondo, Chicago Il

"I'm a self-taught musician but bass lessons with Grant has really helped fine-tune my chops. Thanks guys" 

Dan Harolds, Chicago Il

"Thanks for the free lesson! Our son is a bit shy so it was nice to meet the teacher before committing. Now he loves his teacher and music lessons" 

Ken Simmons, Evanston Il

"Our son loves playing the saxophone and having music lessons at home has really helped. We also love our teacher Edgar. Highly recommended!" 

Patricia Miller, Niles Il

"Our two daughters love their painting lessons. They've even started collaborating. Two thumbs up Lessons and Beyond!" 

Mary Wendricks, Chicago Il

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